Newport Sea Lion Docks Foundation

All directors of the Foundation are unpaid volunteers and we have no staff, so 100% of all donations go the project

The Board of Directors

Stan Pickens, President

Stan is a long term resident of Newport, and is the owner of the Bayscapes Gallery and Coffee Shop on the Bayfront. He has been  involved for many years with the Port of Newport and others in the upkeep and maintenance of the Sea Lion Docks. Stan is involved in other educational and charitable organizations, including the Lincoln County Historical Society.

Susan Armstrong, Vice President

Susan is the owner of two Newport businesses, the Winddrift Gallery and Childish Tendancies, both on the Bay Front. Susan is also the coordinator of the Bay Front Merchants Association, and her main focus is on local fund-raising..

Bob Ward, Secretary

Bob is a semi-retired engineer who has lived in Newport for the past fifteen years. He is a history buff and is the Founder and President of the non profit Drake in Oregon Society. Bob’s duties are administration and fund-raising

David Heater, Director

David is an experienced business manager, who runs Mariner Square, including the Undersea Gardens next to Port Dock One. He focuses on engineering issues.

Jim Rice, Director

Jim is a marine biologist with the Hatfield Marine Science Center, part of OSU. He is the Coordinator of the Oregon Marine Mammal Stranding Network. Jim makes sure that everything we do is in the interests of the sea lions.

Stan Susan Bob David Jim